Meet The Skeleton Crew

Craig Hines

Photograph of Craig Hines

Craig Hines is a graphic designer, artist, and "Evil Genius" behind Dark Imaginings, hailing from the birthplace of the modern zombie: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His fascination with technology and monsters started at an early age, and he soon began training for a career in video game graphics when he was only eight years old. Years later, instead of entering the video game industry, he decided to found his own multimedia production company: Numina Media Arts, LLC.

Fueled by his interest in the macabre and the paranormal, and guided by a truly twisted sense of humor, it is Craig’s ambition to create works of art that will tickle the fancy and send shivers down the spine. Craig draws his inspiration from the programs and video games that he loved as a child, growing up during a time that gave us such iconic legends as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and the Crypt Keeper. Some of his favorite movies include Fright Night, Creepshow 1 & 2, The Terminator films, and video games such as Phantasmagoria, The 7th Guest, Sanitarium, and the Silent Hill series. Oh, and did we forget to mention that the only thing more terrifying than his artwork are his horrible puns?!

Craig is also the author of the book Gateway of the Gods. In Gateway of the Gods, he offers a fascinating exploration of ancient mythologies, particularly regarding the antediluvian accounts of fallen angels known as the Watchers and their transgressions with humanity, resulting in the creation of hybrid offspring known as the Nephilim. Through a combination of his skeptical attitude and knowledge of the paranormal and the occult, he carefully reveals long-lost secrets that have been suppressed for millennia, and which provide startling implications concerning the very nature of the universe and the pivotal role of the human race within it.

Craig has written articles for TAPS ParaMagazine and Intrepid Magazine, and presented his research at conferences held throughout the country. He has also been a guest on such popular radio programs as Coast to Coast AM, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Beyond the Edge Radio, Red Ice Radio, and Speaking of Strange, among many others.