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Augmented Reality FX

Take your haunted attraction’s marketing and merchandise to new dimensions of terror! Dark Imaginings is proud to be an industry pioneer by offering affordable Augmented Reality enhancements that will captivate your audience and increase sales. Now, your marketing materials, posters, banners, t-shirts, and other merchandise can become interactive and designed to trigger cutting-edge special effects, videos, and more, simply using your customers’ smartphones and mobile devices!

Using an intuitive app, a customer merely has to hover their device’s camera over a target object and watch as it springs to life! Launch a video trailer for your haunt, display special offers, easy 1-tap to access your website, make characters introduce your attraction, and more! But why stop there? In addition to selling souvenir t-shirts for your attraction, you can really WOW your customers by offering interactive t-shirts! Frighten and delight unsuspecting patrons as monstrous tentacles burst forth from the shirt and writhe wildly, hungry to devour anything within reach!

Contact us today to find out how we can help bring a whole new level of experience and involvement to your customers like never before.

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