"Granny Pearl"

Granny Pearl

All the children in town loved Granny Pearl,
For her candies were truly the best.
“Stop in for a bite and give them a whirl!”
She’d beckon with guile and with zest.
Her home always smelled of freshly baked pies,
Spice cakes and warm gingerbread,
But once led inside, the kids were surprised
By a fearful creeping of dread.
Ol’ Granny Pearl was clearly
Not quite what she seemed,
For when she smiled there shone,
A wicked and pearly gleam.
“What big teeth you have, Granny,”
The children fearfully piped.
“Why yes, my lovelies, indeed!
And you’ll be my supper tonight!”

Epitaph by Craig Hines & Matthew Heilman.