Creating a Custom Portrait

Want to know more about our process for creating your custom portraits? Well, you've come to the right place because we'd be happy to show you how our customers' gruesome transforming portraits are brought to life.

  1. Wedding PhotoEmily and Paul contacted us and wanted to have their wedding photo show them transform into rotting zombies. We said, “Hey, that's a great idea!” Then, we discussed the specifics of what they wanted in the portrait, such as how they wanted to be “fresh” and “slimy” style zombies that were still in the decomposition stages, instead of being dried up and completely rotted away. They also wanted the photo to remain in color for both the before and after images. Emily and Paul then sent us a high-resolution version of their wedding photo and their 50% down-payment to begin the work.
  2. SketchAfter getting a good idea of what Emily and Paul wanted, we created a digital sketch of what we planned for the portrait. This is the stage where you can decide if it's what you had in mind, or if you want to make any other changes. If the sketch is not to your liking, we can go back and continue working on it until you are satisfied with it. In Emily and Paul's case, they really liked the initial sketch and so they approved it right away.
  3. DetailAfter receiving the approval, we begin work on the actual portrait. This part is the most fun (for us, anyway) but is also a very pain-staking process. This is where we ask our clients to “exorcise,” er… we mean exercise their patience, as this can take some time. We strive to put the utmost tender loving scare into every detail of your portrait so that you'll be happy with it for years to come. We think that you'll agree the results are totally worth the wait.
  4. Final PortraitOnce we've completed the portrait and all transitions, we sent a digital proof copy to Emily and Paul for them to see. In this phase, you get a preview of what your final portrait will look like and this is your last chance to tell us if you want to make any minor changes or alterations to the portrait. Emily and Paul loved their design, and no additional changes were necessary. After accepting the proof and receiving their final payment, we printed out their portrait and proceeded to the next step.
  5. The lamination process can be a tedious one, as we must hand-assemble each portrait by applying a lenctiular lens over the printed image; the slightest slip or misalignment can completely ruin the effect. We carefully align the lens, making sure that every lenticule is placed precisely over each individual sliver of the image. When completed, we place your portrait on a wall and view it from a distance of about 6 feet (the recommended viewing distance for optimal results) to make certain that the transition is successful. If everything is correct, we trim your portrait down to it's final 16"x20" size and begin to package it.
  6. Emily and Paul's portrait was then packed in a sturdy mailer and delivered to their doorstep within a few days.
  7. Now, this if the fun part for you, our wonderfully deranged customers: Frame it, hang it on the wall, and then invite your friends and family over to give them a good scare!

Ready? Then click here: Make Me Into A MONSTER!