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"Custom Conjurings"

Make Me Into A MONSTER!

Click Here to Learn How a Custom Portrait was Created!For those customers looking for a truly unique nightmare, we offer the option of a custom portrait. These one of a kind creations are based on your personal pictures, but with our signature dark twist. When you order a Dark Imaginings custom portrait, you will receive one unframed portrait in the 16” x 20” size.

Due to the unique nature of these portraits that are custom-made just for you, the cost to create your portrait will be determined after our artist has evaluated your photo and project.

Portraits can be done in color, black and white, or sepia tone. We prefer high resolution digital photographs for source material, and we favor color photos even if your finished product will not be in color.

We can create a variety of transitions, and the medium is only limited by a combination of the source photo, the customer’s preference, and the artist’s imagination. Vampires, feral creatures, ghouls, zombies, and vengeful spirits are all options, as well as more subtle results, such as seen in our print “Playthings.” If you have a specific vision of what you would like to transform into, we can discuss how to make your gruesome dreams a reality.

The photos we currently have on display on our site are old fashioned. This does not mean that a more modern photo cannot successfully be transitioned with chilling effects. As the customer, you can choose to go either way with your photo, such as by taking an existing photo (like your wedding pictures) or by staging a photo with older or gothic clothing and creepy scenery. Halloween is the perfect time to get these photos, and some professional venues will even assist you in taking a step back in time.

If you are camera-shy (or perhaps you don't cast reflections or show up in photographs), but would still like to have a custom portrait created, don't think that you are limited to images of people. We could turn a photograph of your beautiful home into a ghastly sight to behold by all who dare to look upon it! Watch as your pristine paint cracks and peels, your shrubs turn into monsters, and a portal to the nether-realm opens above your once quaint home!

We allot approximately 6-8 weeks to complete your portrait after we have received your source photos. Depending on current workloads, the time of year, and other time-constraints, Craig can often complete the portraits in much less time. However, if you absolutely need a rush service, we can bump your order to a higher priority for an additional fee. Naturally, many customers request such portraits for around the Halloween season, so please make sure that you have placed your order by June 30th to guarantee delivery in time for Halloween.

Ready? Then click here: Make Me Into A MONSTER!

Or click here to contact Craig with your questions.